Mentor Program

The Maryland CPCU Society Chapter, Inc.’s mentoring program is a benefit to members who are interested in forming a professional relationship with a more experienced chapter member. Our program helps you develop skills and knowledge to enhance your professional and personal growth as an insurance professional or as a CPCU Society leader. Our program is also available for candidates who have successfully passed at least one CPCU exam.

The process would include an opportunity for the Candidate to have a dedicated go to member to answer questions or to guide the Candidate on how to obtain answers. The assigned member would have an opportunity to encourage the Candidate in the completion of CPCU course work toward the CPCU designation, and offer business as well as career mentoring. Mentoring can be as simple as a phone call or email to find out how the Candidate is progressing or if there are any obstacles they can help with. Or it can progress further. We all know the family and personal challenges that are experienced in the pursuit of the CPCU designation, so we may also be encouraging the Candidates in those areas as well. It’s up to the Candidate how much assistance they would welcome.

If you are a Candidate and would like assistance or a member who would like to serve as a mentor, please contact one of the members below:

Jason Clayton -

In addition, the Global CPCU Mentorship program is available from the CPCU Society.  Register Here.