Chapter Website Request Form

Thank you for advertising on the MD CPCU Society Chapter Website!  Please advise what you need by completing the attached PDF.  This is to be used for all upcoming events, news items,  photo gallery submissions, etc.   This will make our website appear consistent.  For upcoming events, please submit request at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event date.  For News Articles and all other requests, please submit material at your earliest convenience so that it can be posted in a timely manner.

We will use various means of communications for your event and/or news article based on the content and your preference, i.e.. Website, CPCU Newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Submit this form along with any other relevant material, to Jacklyn McIntosh, or Nancy Gilgenast at  If you have photos for the photo gallery on the Website, please call Jacklyn at 443-717-3963 and we can discuss the best way to send those photos.

Thank you.


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